Saturday, March 9, 2013

take me to your heart

Hello guys! What up? How are you all? I’m feeling good today J. Wanna share some stories about me and him again. Please don’t get boring xp!
Time goes so fast. Why it happens so fast when we were with people who we loved? I don’t know. Yes, national examination is getting close for him to face up! Then 2 months later he will be graduated and leave the high school for his college…and sadly he will leave me too. Before, I knew we will break up someday. But I hope please …..i won’t let it happen. I don’t know we will make it or not if we had a long distance relationship. But if Allah has ruled you with me there’s will be a way out. And now I just can pray for our best.
There’s a different on me when I knew you. Maybe I was a little girl who don’t have a long relationship. Just playing, shopping and haha. You could call me “kimcil” at that time. But you taught me everything. Made me know what love is, what a relationship is, and how to think longer.
Hey I love you so much Deb! And that’s all I really know:”) . you made me growing up with a right minds. You are the boy I’ve been looking for all this time. Thank you so much you came in my life. Change everything, made a color of my life. I always remember how we eat Nasi Goreng Kambing together, the way you hold and hug me. And I love cook a Indomie for you! And we eat that while watching Futsal in the school. How beautiful that time. Oh yes you are who insure me to wear Hijab:’ thank youJ

i love this song :D 

"Take Me To Your Heart"

Hiding from the rain and snow
Trying to forget but I won't let go
Looking at a crowded street
Listening to my own heart beat

So many people all around the world
Tell me where do I find someone like you girl

Take me to your heart take me to your soul
Give me your hand before I'm old
Show me what love is - haven't got a clue
Show me that wonders can be true

They say nothing lasts forever
We're only here today
Love is now or never
Bring me far away

Take me to your heart take me to your soul
Give me your hand and hold me
Show me what love is - be my guiding star
It's easy take me to your heart

Standing on a mountain high
Looking at the moon through a clear blue sky
I should go and see some friends
But they don't really comprehend

Don't need too much talking without saying anything
All I need is someone who makes me wanna sing

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Guten abend all !

its been so long right ! did you all miss me? a ton of strories i want to share to you ! but maybe it needs a ton of time too to share ! haha ..

yeah, guess what? love story again guys:)

yeah you are the only one who knows my past love story. honestly i dont know, is this feeling that i've been felt is true? and maybe this is i can called true love? i dont know.

His name is Deby. He is sweet. He is in social class. Before, a lot of people even my closest friend told me that "you can't be with him, he is playboy and jerk." . yes i know. but by the time, he come back to me again, after i said that i'm still have relation with monet. but monet was php. i know maybe his clever on rushing the girl is the best.but i'm still dont know why i just feel it so right safe and happy. i love being text by him. i love take a ride with him. i feel safe if he is beside me. i feel so awesome and flying when he is looking at me. although in my mind think "what he has done with me ? why i love him so easily ?" . God has ruled this maybe. Day by day, my love become deep and deeper. ...

but sometime he make me so fell down:") his ego and his habit :") make me little doubt about him...
and i know, as soon as he will be graduated....he will break me up...i knew..but i pray it won't happen please

everyday i pray to Allah, Ya Allah..
berilah selalu kesehatan dan rizki darimu kepadanya
berilah dia selalu kemudahan dan keberuntungan dalam mengerjakan ujian darimu 
berilah dia selalu semangat dalam bersekolah
semoga semua yang diinginkan dan masukkanlah dia ke perguruan tinggi terbaik untuknya
dan ya allah..
dekatkanlah dia padaku apabila dia memang untukku ya allah
dan jauhkanlah dia dariku apabila itu kehendakmu ya allah
ridhoi kami dan maafkan segala kesalahan kami ya allah 
ya allah...
aku hanya ingin bersamanya, selama engkau masih meridhoi aku bersamanya..
bila memang saatnya kami berpisah tolong jangan hilangkan rasa sayang ini kepadanya..
 dan selama kami bersama selalu lindungi kami ya alla dari segala godaan dan bahaya..
amin...yarabbal alamin..

may be only god who really understand.