Saturday, March 10, 2012

i'm on my way

*back song SHE-Selingkuh Sekali Saja 

Have you heard this song ? it doesn't mean i want to do like the title of the song. i just love the music and it easy to be sang. and the song is so melow ... 

*back song JYJ- In Heaven 

I really love this song !!! so meaningful . have you ever underestimated and left someone who loved you ? but actually you were more love him. and now, when you want him don't want him to let you go, cause you are really love him so much. and he think it all just lies. you wanted him to say "i love you" begged him.  and you feel , without him you can't live. but finally you were late... and it just nothing. 

*back song Christina Perri - Jar of Hearts 

I fond of this lyrics's song. have you ever feel like this lyrics? your ex-boyf/girlf begged you ? he/she wanted you to come back to him/her. who does he/she thinks he/she is ? ...After all that he/she doing with you ? ...think twice! 

*back song Coboy  Junior - kamu 

What a cutest singer ! Bastian!!! have you another brother ? xD ... this song is very ... funny i think .

*back song 2NE1-Lonely 

this is my favorite song . best title . best lyrics . and it is so me . 

turned me now . i really scared. it almost 1 month to go . i'm on my way now . i'm trying , and trying to be better. and face all my problems . but i really need a teacher who really match of me. honestly , i'm so fulled of     papers of questions . it makes me bored and tired somehow . ... 


Thursday, March 8, 2012


open your eyes, read this! 

"don't you know i'm not your a ghost anymore " Jar of Hearts. 

" try, to look at me and really see my heart ..." Why ( Avril Lavigne ).

"i'm not the only one a part ..." Why ( Avril Lavigne ). 


discussing about my set place for photo's year book . we got some "debated" between boys's mind and girls's mind . i don't know, why they always though the genre? (tempat gondes, mendes) . otherwise, when we wanted to take a photo we just need the "view" . at least Malioboro has an amazing view at night. the light, the people, etc. 

whatever they wanted, i just follow them. 

i'm so glad he bought me a bottle of water :') . haha just a bottle of water? how so flying my feele, if he bought me a flower ? i'm gonna die . i am to much , right ? hahaa.... 

Hey, tomorrow will be Arta's birthday . look what happen tomorrow with her. stinky, smelly and exactly she will take a bath with 7 kind of flowers haha...

wearing my glasses, how's my face ? haha 


Friday, March 2, 2012

Advertisements ? all of them just give bullsh*t 
You ? give me fake promises 
Bad Boy ? you just do all that you wanted 
Good Boy ? keep all his word|never makes a girl cry of him 
Bad Girl ? Really bitch ! leave him|get him again|do what she's like
Good Girl ? love the way you are|never be somebody else|always give you surprises
Me ? i'm just nothing|you kind of me, i'll kind of you back|but i really hate word "fake"
He? He was really special, but now ... i don't know|never gives me clearly explanation|depending me, hate it most|someone who always i dreamed at night|ever makes me laugh, smile, cry almost 

I don't know why some people has their good act and bad act . but it is their way . 

Thursday, March 1, 2012



my fingers are hurt . they were so painful . i can't handle it . my brotha told me that it was herpes . some kind of skin's illness . i thought that it was touched by hot water, but is not actually . the wound festering , it is very gnawed, luckily my daddy has the salve . wish the salve can heal me o:) .

By the way, i am so confused about next Saturday .... 

Don't ask me why ? what happen next Saturday ? you don't know how's me . :(t. if i tell my fam stories you will not understand . and i don't want everybody know it . just let me keep own mine.

okay, instead of sad .... better of i share my photo ..



lomo =)

lomo =))




hmmm i don't knowm